City walks: Nguyễn Công Trứ Street and surrounds


Our walk starts outside number 5D Hàm Long street, where the first Communist Party Cell of Hanoi was established. Then along Lò Đúc Street to the Pasteur gardens, and outside the National Institute of Hygiene & Epidemiology (originally the Pasteur Institute). Back up to Lò Đúc and into Nguyễn Công Trứ Street. We will mention some of the buildings from the French era, which sadly have been pulled down to make way for various developments. Carry on to Hai Bà Trưng Lake and the next door temple complex where we touch on the Hai Bà Trưng sisters’ era and their contribution to Vietnamese history. For the final part of the walk we will meander the lanes and alleys of amazing Cho Giời (sky market/Hoa Binh market), one of Hanoi’s huge and intriguing city markets specialised in one genre of goods. We end the walk where the market meets Phố Huế.

This eclectic walk touches on a number of influences that shaped Hanoi’s life. From the communist party to medical Hanoi, from Hebrard’s Indochinese architectural style to the alcohol industry, from the Hai Bà Trưng sisters and worship to the best market where you can find every possible type of tool and spare car parts.

We will visit a pagoda and temple complex but we are not allowed in – only in the temple groundsFor those who do not need to rush off afterwards, if you would like to stay on for something to eat we can have lunch at a nearby local bia hoi. (lunch is an individual expense not included in the walk)

Note that we will walk through Cho Gioi market, which is very crowded, noisy and narrow lanes so please take care of your possessions.

Max 12 people. Email Stella (the event organiser) to register.

We will meet outside 5D Ham Long Street @ 9.15am. See map for meeting point:


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City Walk: Fine Arts Museum (日本語でのツアーです)

Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi





  集合場所:66 Nguyen Thai Hoc

  費用: 70,000VND (入場料別途)

  定員: 10名

  申込み先 (担当:市岡)






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City Walks: Ba Đình and the French Quarter (Khu phố Pháp)

Ba Ding


This walking tour gives an overview of the changes to Hanoi that started in the French period (1869-1954). We touch on the development of the education system, town planning and architecture (including that of the political and diplomatic centre) as well as other eclectic information regarding past and present Hanoi as we walk along. Starting at Chu Văn An school (established by the French as the High School of the Protectorate, and now one of the oldest institutions for secondary education in Indochina) we make our way to Hanoi’s iconic Ba Đình Square and focus on a few of the key government buildings in the area (eg. the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party – formerly the Lycee Albert Sarrault High School – and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc.). Then along Chùa Một Cột street and strolling the surrounding avenues passing former villas now home to various Embassies. Our leisurely walk will take us to Điện Biên Phủ and into Hoàng Diệu street ending our tour at Cửa Bắc (north gate) and Cửa Bắc Church in Phan Đình Phùng street. For those whowould like to stay on for lunch after we will walk to nearby Ngu Xa island for some phở cuốn.

Place:             West Lake side – near the back of Chu Văn An school on Nguyễn Đình Thi street (near the restaurant Nhà Hàng Vọng Ba Lâu – map will be sent to those who sign up)

Donation:    70,000 VND (excludes refreshments and lunch if you decide to stay on for a bite to eat)

Limit:          12 people

Contact:       Stella –

Please provide your mobile number when registering.

 Notes:         We will not be visiting any places of worship so there is no dress code – fine to wear shorts, short sleeves etc.

For those who do not need to rush off afterwards and would like to have lunch, this is an individual expense not included in the tour but is cheap

This walk can often take up to 2.45 hours of you need to leave at any time that is fine

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City Walk – St Joseph’s Cathedral and surrounds

This walk commences at St. Joseph’s Cathedral and travels through some of the streets of the Old Quarter, including Lý Quốc Sư, Yên Thái, Hàng Quạt, and Hàng Trống. It also includes visits to two important pagodas/temples (or Chùa/Đền) and two community houses (or Đình).

Place:              St Joseph’s Cathedral on the corner of Nhà Thờ and Nhà Chung streets

Cost:                70,000 VND

Limit:               10 people


Please leave your mobile phone number so we can contact you in case of any last minute changes.

Notes:   Dress appropriately for the weather. Please bring comfortable walking shoes, and plenty of water. There will not be many places to sit or toilets.

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Walk: Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long

Our walk starts in front of the Flag Tower with a brief introduction to the Citadel. We will then proceed into the Citadel to learn/discuss the architecture and history of this interesting place. 

Place:  Meet in front of Highlands Flag Tower, 28A Điện Biên Phủ

Cost:     70,000 VND (entrance fee not included. We each buy our own and the costr is VND 30,000)

Limit:   12 people

Registration:   Alvaro,

NotesYou will be receive a confirmation email. If you receive the message “form is closed”, it means that the walk is full.

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