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FVH is currently recruiting for the following positions. Please consider joining our dedicated team of volunteers – your skills and expertise are needed and valued!

Head of Excursions Section

The Head of Excursions Section is responsible for establishing, maintaining and leading the Excursion Committee to research and select locations for future day excursions.

Main duties:

  • Coordinate Excursions Committee to determine the date and time for day excursions (one per month) and to arrange transportation and related experts to guide or provide demonstrations
  • Guide Excursions Committee to research and produce a handout and map covering the excursion area, its history and culture
  •  Submit excursion information for the newsletter by the 15th of previous month and post it on the calendar
  • Send reminder emails to reservation holders at least four days before excursion departure.
  • Ensure that Excursion Committee confirms any related demonstrations by local experts on day of excursion
  • Accompany Excursion Committee members and guides on all excursions or pre-trips
  • On day of excursion, maintain the reservation list and collect money. Record any donations and pay all related costs associated with excursion, including transportation, guide fee, translation services, and other miscellaneous items
  • Submit monthly section report and financial report for activity, as well as year-end summary report
  • Attend monthly Governing Council meeting (usually held on the first Tuesday of each month)
  • Mentor an alternate Section Head as a future replacement, and recruit new members for Committee

Expected Output

  • One excursion per month
  • Preparation of excursion one to two months in advance

Estimated workload

  •  8-10 hrs per month.

For more information, or to apply, please email us.