FVH Resource Centre

The FVH Resource Centre is located on the 4th floor of the Hanoi City Library (Thư viện Hà Nội). The library is located on the corner of Trần Hưng Đạo and Bà Triệu streets at 47, Bà Triệu. The FVH collection includes books and journals that focus on Vietnamese art, history and culture.

In order to access the collection, you will need a Reader’s Card and you can get one by going to the office just inside the Main Entrance to the Library. You will need to show your passport, fill in a simple form and attach one photograph. The annual fee is 22,000 VND. After becoming a member, you just present your card once you have entered the library.

Library Opening Times: Every day Monday to Friday except Thursday morning of the first and third week of the month. Closed at weekends and on National Holidays.
Daily times: 0800 – 1200 and 1330 – 1730.

If you need help finding the collection or are interested in donating books to the Centre, please contact us.

The address of the FVH Resource Centre is:
Hanoi City Library (Thư viện Hà Nội), 4th floor
47 Bà Triệu
Hà Nội.