Book Club discussion — Last Night I Dreamed of Peace

The discussion of Last Night I Dreamed of Peace was really interesting as through the pages of the diary of the young Vietnamese Doctor posted near the battlefields during the Vietnamese war. We live with her thoughts and feel her extreme anxiety as the enemy soldiers got closer, feel her pain as a young soldier’s life bled away as she watches helplessly unable to do more without medicines and surgical instruments. These dark moments are interwoven with light happy tones as the warmth of loyal friendships are bonded and joy shared. When the diary ends abruptly it is representative of her young life snuffed out.

Each of us read the portions that touched us the most and spoke on the subject of war and how it brings only misery in numerous lives. One of the Members had seen the picture and write up about this young Doctor Dang Thuy Tram at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum and had wanted to know more about this brave young woman.

Next Month the 3rd of May, the first Thursday we will be discussing The Quiet American by Graham Greene

On 7th of June:

The Incredible Double Spy Or Perfect Spy by Pham Xuan An

On 5th of July:

The Sorrow of War by Phan Thanh Hao(the Vietnamese Author), English Version by Frank Palmos

These books are available in
Foreign Language Bookworld
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Phone Number-84438254068.

Submitted be Piu Lahiri,  one of our FVH Book Club organisers.

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